The Happy Kids Backpack Program (HKBP) is a cooperative venture between the School District of New Richmond, Empty Bowls, and Five Loaves Food Shelf.  The school accepts HKBP applications from families in the district (Head Start through 12th grade)  who participate in the Free/Reduced Lunch program.  Once the family turns in their application, a backpack is sent home each weekend during the school year.   The empty packs are returned to school, and refilled for the next week.  We are presently serving about 72 families per week. 

            Each week, the packs include a milk voucher for one gallon of fresh milk, a breakfast food (cereal, oatmeal, or pancake mix), food for another meal (Mac ‘n Cheese, spaghetti, tuna helper, chicken rice casserole, chili pasta casserole, soup, etc), a recipe if needed, and a snack (cookies, chips, etc).   Peanut butter and jelly are sent home once a month as well.  


To obtain an application please call Lisa Johnson at 715-243-7408.