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Food Shelf

The Food Shelf was founded in 1986.  It has been housed in multiple locations over the years, from the attic of the Holy Family Hospital to to the Community Commons to our current location at the 144 West Third Street, Suite D. (In the same building as Anytime Fitness.) The entrance and parking is on the west end of the building (the side of the building with the food mural).


Over this time we have evolved from a system of "by appointment only" visits, to now being open 4 days a week where people can walk in off the street to be served.


We have partnered with TEFAP (the USDA The Emergency Food Assistance Program), Second Harvest Heartland, and The Emergency Food Network (distributed via the United Way of St Croix County). We also take food donations from our community through individuals and food drives. Please remember if you donate food to check the expiration dates carefully as we can not accept out of date food stuffs.  

The Food Shelf provides non-perishable items (canned and boxed foods) in addition to fresh produce, deli items, milk, eggs, frozen meats and other perishable products as available. Clients are able to "shop" for their food, selecting the items that are most appropriate for their needs.  Clients may visit the Food Shelf two times each calendar month to receive food.

Happy Kids backpacks - families with elementary school age children can sign up to receive weekend backpacks filled with enough food to help over the weekend. Sign up through your child's school or ask at intake for more information.​


How do I get food?


You will need to provide a photo id and proof of your address within the New Richmond school district. Either a license or current mail with your current address.


If you have any special needs please contact us at:

715-246-5255 or 


Our emergency backup contact is Grace Place 715-246-1222.

It is our greatest pleasure to serve the

New Richmond community! 

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